Be always present!

Get motivational quotes about the importance of today and now to fend off distraction.

Focus on growing one day at a time and learn to adapt and prioritize each new day challenges. Set the vital few and commit to finishing them.

You are probably already have a super productivity app for professional use which we are not here to replace. We are here to help you detach from overspending your time there and remind you again of what matters for today.

See the big picture!

Don't just add tasks! Add tasks that matter and help ease your tomorrow and get you closer to your goal. They don't have to be big and certainly not need to be trivial.

Be kind and accept your weaknesses as much as you accept your strength. Learn to be realistic, everything takes time and small steps.

Adjust daily, juggle what is realistic for today or for another day. Repeat the next day as live is a constant change. What you may think is important yesterday, may not be for today. And what you may think is important for tomorrow may perhaps be for another day once tomorrow comes.

Know your Superpowers!

You probably don't need a hobby or find a new one as much you think you do. Perhaps it is already right in front of you. Do what you really love and enjoy, and simply track them. We mean the good activities of course.

We do not care about your stats. All we want is to remind you of the things you enjoy and help you recover or rediscover what you love.

Handy list for everything else

Release your mental burden with this handy list to store things you need to get, short note reminder or a quick subtasks on your Pomodoro moment.